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Funding + Rebates

Chronic Disease Management Plan

Medicare provides eligible individuals the opportunity to claim a rebate for payments made towards allied health services (including speech pathology) under the Chronic Disease Management program (previously known as the Enhanced Primary Care program). Up to five individual sessions can be claimed per person per calendar year across all allied health services, for treatment of a chronic medical condition that is likely to last six months or more. In order to access the rebate, a referral is required from a GP, who will determine your child's eligibility for this program. 
Fees are paid in full upon completion of the session, after which you can claim a partial refund from Medicare, either at a branch or via the Express Plus Medicare app. The rebate is currently $52.95 per session (as of June 2016), which reduces the out of pocket costs for these five sessions. Please note, clients are unable to access a private health insurance rebate for sessions where a rebate is claimed from Medicare.
More information can be found here.
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a crucial support system in
Australia for individuals with disabilities, including those seeking speech pathology
services. Participants in the NDIS receive a personalized plan outlining their specific
needs and goals. This plan includes allocated funding that participants can use to
access various services, therapies, and equipment, including essential speech pathology
support. This approach ensures a tailored and individualized approach to care, allowing
speech pathologists to provide targeted interventions. The NDIS plays a pivotal role in
promoting inclusivity and independence by offering financial assistance and facilitating
access to necessary resources, thereby contributing to the overall well-being and
development of individuals with communication disorders.

Accessing School-Based Funding

We can conduct assessments and write reports to assist with applying for school funding (Program for Students with Disabilities), and funding from other organisations.

Please chat to us about your child's specific needs, so that we can tailor our report to the specific type of application.

Private Health Insurance

If you hold the relevant extras cover with your private health insurance policy, you may be entitled to a rebate for some speech pathology services. Contact your health fund to determine if your child is eligible to receive a rebate.

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