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Speech Pathology Services

Loud & Clear provides services to children aged from 4 to 13 years old experiencing difficulties

primarily in the areas of literacy, language, and speech.



At Loud and Clear Speech Pathology, we administer current, evidence-supported assessments that will provide a complete overview of your child's abilities and difficulties in the following areas:

  • Speech [trouble saying certain sounds, lisps, stuttering]

  • Language [understanding and expressing a message]

  • Literacy [reading, writing, spelling]

Our evaluations are thorough and comprehensive, with detailed written reports prepared upon completion of testing.

Individualised Intervention/Therapy

Once assessment has been completed, results are compiled to provide a basis for determining what therapy techniques will be most effective.

Intervention is tailored to each child's needs based on the latest evidence-based techniques, and may include parent training and home programs. It is important that therapy goals are reinforced at home to support your child's progress.

Screening Programs

Early identification of children with speech, language, and literacy difficulties is crucial so that their communication development is appropriately supported.

Loud and Clear provides 'screening' programs for kindergarten and prep classes, and also to individual children in the clinic. 

Evidence shows that traditional screens can often miss children who are having - or go on to have - communication difficulties. So our 'screens' are actually a short assessment of a child's language, literacy, and speech skills. 

Following the evaluation, feedback and recommendations are provided for parents and teachers in order for them to support their child’s development.

Contact us for more information on this service.

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